About Us

We believe that it's the quality of the idea that gives the biggest return on marketing investment.

Who We Are

Outside The Box Ltd is a Digital Marketing & Design Agency located in Mauritius. Because the world doesn't communicate in just one way, we take an integrated marketing approach to help you engage with your customers in their favorite way. We combine the very best of digital and offline marketing techniques to create the best return on investment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help your brand fly way beyond where you imagined. From the word go, we aim to totally immerse ourselves in your market, your company, your business objectives and your culture. Our goal is to get to know your product inside out. More than anything want to help you deliver marketing campaigns that make waves and give you the tangible results.

Our Philosophy

We believe in creative thinking and not just in the creative department. It’s part of our culture. It's second to none. But it’s not creativity for the sake of it. It is always focused on a business objective or proposition. It’s the key element of every stage of our process, becoming more analysed, more powerful and more relevant as customer relationships and knowledge grow.